Frozen Custard Labels

Many people refer to different types of frozen dessert simply as ice cream, but if you want to be politically correct about food, you should be aware that there are some important differences between popsicles, ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen custard and similar summer treats.

Frozen custard, for example, is similar to ice cream, but sensitive food connoisseurs will recognize its creamy, rich texture even with their eyes closed. Some main things that distinguish frozen custard from ice cream are:

Though the quality of a food product is the best recommendation to consumers, food producers need to take a series of steps in order to attract customers. For frozen custard products sold in supermarkets, proper labeling is one of those steps. Similarly to ice cream and popsicle labels, frozen custard labels also need to follow FDA guidelines for accurate labeling that helps inform and protect consumers.

Apart from mandatory information, such as the ingredients list, nutrition facts and a few other important label elements, the manufacturers are also urged to include some voluntary information, such as a declaration of all colors used in the food. Providing voluntary information to customers is the best way to show transparency and earn your potential customers’ trust.

Make Sure Your Labels Are Freezer Proof

Another way to show professionalism is to make sure your frozen custard labels can withstand freezing conditions without peeling off or smearing. Labels for such purposes are usually made out of durable, moisture-resistant label stock and freezer proof adhesives. team provides blank or custom high-quality labels and tags that we manufacture according to your preferences. We’ll advise you on the best frozen custard labeling practices and important things to consider when ordering freezer labels.

Fun Facts

Frozen Custard is a more recent invention than ice cream and frozen yogurt. It appeared in Coney Island at the beginning of the 20th century and quickly became popular because the introduction of eggs into ice cream guaranteed a smoother texture.

Archie and Elton Kohr are considered to be the inventors of frozen custard. They sold over 18.000 cones in one weekend!

Though this frozen treat originated on the East Coast, Milwaukee is now known as the “Custard Capital of the World”.

The most common frozen custard flavors are chocolate and vanilla, though consumers can enjoy a variety of different ones: butter pecan, key lime, pistachio, burgundy cherry, chocolate malt, coconut, raspberry, etc.