Frozen Baby Food Labels

Maintaining a healthy diet is important throughout life, but probably never as much as in our early childhood, when we are developing our bones, metabolism, preference for food, etc. Though homemade organic food is probably the best option for baby nutrition, parents don’t always have time to prepare it. Luckily, there are many food producers who specialize in baby food and juices. Shopping for these products and freezing them can help busy parents organize their life more efficiently.

If you are producing baby food, you probably know that people are better informed than ever before about what they and their children are eating. To gain their trust and make your product more attractive than the competition, you need to pay special attention to how you label your baby food product.

It is important to follow federal and state regulations on proper nutrition and ingredients labeling. If your product is made for interstate commerce, it will need to conform to the FDA rules for labeling food. That means that your baby food jars or containers need to prominently display information about the name of your product, net quantity, your or your distributor’s address, ingredients used and nutrition facts.

Note that placing health claims on food for children under 2 years old is not permitted, unless you want to:

Check the FDA website for more information on health claims for baby food.

If you are manufacturing organic baby food, you’ll need to consult the USDA for information on organic food labeling.

Custom Labels for your Commercial Baby Food Product

Since baby food is often kept frozen, our labels experts recommend durable, high-quality freezer graded materials for baby food labels. These labels are usually made from special coated paper, laminated for extra durability and moisture-resistance, or from the resilient vinyl. The freezer grade adhesive used for baby food products makes sure that the stickers stay adhered to the product in low temperatures, which is not the case when using regular, all-temp labels.

Freezer Label Pros offer custom printed freezer labels according to your exact preferences. We use a wide variety of materials, from low-cost paper to specialty labels stock, and we can die-cut the stickers into any shape you require. Our printing experts will make sure to tailor the order specifications to your budget, maintaining high-quality of labels.

Blank Freezer Labels for Homemade Baby Food

Many parents prefer to make homemade food for their babies, whenever their schedule allows them. Whether it’s organic pureed carrots, mashed potatoes, meat, bananas, rice cereal or any other type of food recommended for children, chances are that they’ll stock up their freezer with lots of baby meals for the coming days and weeks. It is very important to label frozen baby food packaging with information about what’s inside the packaging and when the food was frozen. Our blank freezer labels are perfect for the job, because unlike some other types of self-adhesive paper that you might have at home, these stickers will stay stuck on the container for longer periods of time.

We also have a shorter-term and fully free solution for people who want to economize. Download these free printable freezer tags, print them on your home printer and use them to organize your baby’s meals and maintain their healthy nutrition.

If you are still in the process of considering whether to use food that’s been frozen for your baby’s meals, this list of pros and cons  may help you:

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pros and cons of using frozen baby food infographic

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