Ice Cream Labels

It can’t be said with certainty when ice-cream was invented, but we do know that the first recipes for frozen desserts or iced creams, as they were called, date back to 1700’s. Many of them involve some pretty tedious steps. Since freezers weren’t invented, it was complicated to make and store frozen products, so ice cream makers had to resort to filling their tubs with broken ice and keeping the ice cream mixture in there to cool.

Today the process of ice cream production is fully automatic and allows for frequent and easy introduction of new flavors, much to our delight. Aside from the classic ones such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, we can enjoy maple walnut, burgundy cherry, caramel fudge, macaroon, butterscotch, chocolate marshmallow, and lots of other interesting flavor fusions.

How to Follow Ice Cream Labeling Requirements

To be able to sell your ice cream product legally in the United States, you need to follow the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, and FDA’s Nutrition Labeling and Education Act guidelines. According to these regulations, your product needs to meet a number of conditions in order to qualify for the title “ice cream”. That is why nowadays many products that resemble ice cream but don’t meet the standards for proper food labeling are called “frozen dairy dessert”.

Regular ice cream needs to:

The guidelines also specify the levels of acidity, amount of whey and maximum amount of stabilizers allowed in the ice cream product.

There are rules as to the names and claims that can be placed on the ice-cream product. For example, only ice creams containing natural flavors can be given the name of the predominant natural flavor. Ice creams with artificial flavoring need to include that information in the label, for example “strawberry flavored”. The FDA also gives clear instructions on when certain claims (such as “reduced fat,” “all natural”, etc.) can be placed on the label.

Ice Cream Labels Need Freezer Grade Stock and Adhesive

Ice cream manufacturers are always interested in attracting new customers with delicious new products, but another thing that concerns them is creating quality and compelling ice cream container labels. The customers’ interest in certain brands and products can often be attributed to interesting, stylishly designed freezer labels for food.

Freezer Label Pros are experienced in creating stickers that show just how delicious the ice cream inside the packaging is, without leaving much to the imagination. We know that accurate information, attention-grabbing design and quality label material are what’s important for the production of labels for frozen food.

Ice cream labels need to be made from high-quality, freezer grade stock and adhesive; otherwise, they might peel off, crack or smudge in low temperatures. We provide expert advice on appropriate label materials that will be used to create quality, durable and waterproof freezer grade labels.