Popsicle Labels

We’ve all heard of people demonstratively choosing to belong to either cat or dog category of people, but there are many less known and equally opinionated categories. One example is ice cream and popsicle people. The first group relishes in the creamy texture of their milk-rich treat, while the second would never trade the watery, fruity dessert for anything less refreshing.

Popsicle has been refreshing people since the ancient times, when they mixed crushed ice with fruits to enjoy hot days. So, nothing much has changed, except the production process. Today it is much more modernized, with the advanced and quick freezing process that keeps ice crystals small and the popsicle mix smooth and even. The modern production also allows popsicle producers to offer their consumers a variety of popsicle colors and flavors, such as cherry, orange, grape, watermelon, banana, lemon, and many more.

If you are a popsicle producer, one of your main concerns is finding a way to convince potential customers that your product is better than the competition. To do that, you need to work on three things:

If you are here, that means you’ve already taken care of the first two items and now you need expertly designed, quality-material custom or blank freezer labels. That’s exactly what we at Freezer Labels specialize in.

Labels for Freezing Conditions

Since you are selling a frozen product, you’ll be freezing labels as well. That’s why the stickers need to be made from freezer proof material that adheres to the popsicle packaging at very low temperatures.

The most common choices for labels for frozen food are paper or vinyl label stock coated with freezer grade adhesive that aggressively sticks to the product packaging. The size of your order, preferred printing method and budget will decide whether you want blank paper stickers in more variety of shape and size that you can print at home, or preprinted, custom designed vinyl labels that are more expensive, but more resilient.

Food Label Pros will help you make the right decision, so that your loyal customers can safely enjoy your popsicle product on a hot or any other day.