Cookie Dough Labels

If you want your cookie dough product to attract new customers and repeat sales, make sure it is delicious, made of quality ingredients and properly labeled. Whether you own a bakery that manufactures cookie dough for large supermarkets, or you work at home and drop frozen cookie dough off to people’s houses, there are a set of rules that you should follow in order to increase sales.

Even if you run a small business that is exempt from FDA’s nutrition labeling requirements, your chances of selling your product are much higher if you are transparent about the product’s contents, origin and other information that might be valuable to consumers, such as:

Placement of Your Product’s Information

Depending on the size of your cookie dough container, you might not be able to place all the information you’d like on the product label. That is why it is helpful to know which label elements are essential and necessary to appear on your product:

According to the FDA, you should place the most important piece of information in a prominent place, or on the facing side of the label that users can spot immediately.

The rest of the information can appear elsewhere and contain helpful pieces of advice on how to use your product, whether it can be frozen and thawed multiple times, if it comes in pre-portioned packaging as well, etc.

Inform Your Customers About Allergens

Though you might be exempt from labeling your product, your customers will return if they trust your brand. Building trust with consumers is as important as creating a quality product. Since there are many people with allergic reactions to certain ingredients, you’ll earn their trust by providing them with accurate information that can help them feel safe about food they are eating.

If your cookie dough contains no allergens such as eggs, nuts or soybeans, but you use equipment that processes these ingredients, it would be helpful to place an adequate allergen statement about it on your product.

Choose Between Custom and Blank Freezer Labels

To keep your customers’ respect, you have to remember all important aspects of your product, including the type of cookie dough label material you want to use. Whether you are ordering custom made stickers that we’ll design and print for you, or you need blank freezer labels that you want to print at home, it is very important to use freezer grade stock and adhesive that will not peel off your product in the freezer and devalue the product’s worth.

Freezer Label Pros will help you with expert advice and professional label production services, so that the informative and stylishly designed stickers perfectly match your cookie dough product’s quality.