Frozen Yogurt and Smoothie Labels

Smoothies and yogurts are very popular food products. They are especially appealing to health-conscious people who like to replace a more traditional breakfast, such as eggs and bacon, with smoothies rich in fruits, vegetables and vitamins.

To do well in the competitive race of attracting loyal customers, smoothie and yogurt manufacturers must pay special attention to branding their product right and complying with FDA regulations on properly labeling their product. This is easier said than done, especially the latter. The FDA has strict regulations on labeling, and non-compliance can result in severe penalties. For example, if you label your dairy product “all natural” and upon inspection it turns out that it contains synthetic ingredients, the FDA can recall your product from the market and potentially make you pay a fine.

There are tons of rules for labeling dairy products and smoothies. For starters, all packaged smoothies and yogurts must include the following 5 elements on a label:

This seems like a short list, but it gets complicated with every small detail. For example, there is no federal standard of identity for frozen yogurt and smoothie products. To accurately name them, you need to include both the common name (e.g. yogurt) and the flavoring, but there are many rules for accurately labeling the flavoring, depending on a variety of factors: whether the flavoring is natural or artificial, whether the product contains one or more flavors, whether the quantity of a food ingredient is sufficient to characterize the product, etc. These factors determine whether your product will bear the title “Vanilla yogurt,” “Vanilla flavored yogurt,” “Artificially flavored vanilla,” “Vanilla with other natural flavor,” or some other combination.

Find more information on proper food labeling on the FDA website.

Make Sure Your Frozen Meal Labels Stay Adhered

Frozen yogurt and smoothie products are commonly kept in freezers, so to make sure the labels stay adhered throughout the process of transportation and storing the products in low temperatures, it is advisable to use durable label stock and freezer grade adhesives. The team will advise you on proper materials to use, depending on your needs, budget, how long the products will be kept frozen, etc.

Some of the materials we commonly use for freezer adhesive labels are matte paper sheet labels, matte vinyl sheet labels and blank labels on rolls or sheets, but we can work with any materials that are appropriate for your product, as long as the adhesive is designed to withstand cold temps. If you don’t need custom, pre-printed labels, there is also a wide selection of quality blank freezer labels that you can order from our website.

Finally, for those of you who prepare smoothies and healthy yogurt meals at home and don’t need professional freezer labels, take a look at these free printable stickers that can help you organize your kitchen and maintain a healthy diet.