About Us

Freezerlabels.net is a label supplier with printing facilities in the USA, Canada and Europe, that specializes in freezer labels stock and adhesives. Whether you need a custom quote to run a large job or need stock with freezer adhesive to print them yourself, we have you covered. Our printing presses can print thousands of custom labels to meet your needs or supply you with the adhesive labels you need to print it yourself.

Freezerlabels.net was born out of the fact that most websites selling labels online sell labels that are not suitable for freezing temperatures. It is crucial to understand that “all-temp” adhesives are NOT freezer adhesives! The result of using labels with the wrong adhesive is products with labels that peel or fall off. Talk about a nightmare! Get into contact with us and we guarantee you’ll get the freezer labels solution that meets your exact need.

We specialize in freezer adhesives and stock for cold temperature applications.