Pizza Labels

Whether you own a bakery that makes pizzas and distributes them frozen to larger retailers, or you run a pizza restaurant and delivery business, you need to abide by the FDA’s regulations on proper food labeling. They are different for different types of businesses. For example, if you have a pizza venue where people can order pizza, you need to include calorie count on the menu as prescribed by the Affordable Care Act. Chain restaurants and pizza parlors have time until the end of 2015 to make adjustments and comply with this law, so consumers will soon be able to compare calorie information for all the pizzas on the menu per slice, and see how the calorie count changes with different pizza toppings.

Regarding frozen pizza sold in stores, the labeling rules still haven’t changed, though food producers are currently in anticipation of the proposed changes to the nutrition facts label. If you are just starting out as a pizza producer, here are some basic things you need to know about labeling your product:

How Can Labels Help You Beat the Competition

A study that covered the period 2007-2010 showed that 13% of people in the United States consume pizza on any given day, and judging by the food’s popularity, the percentage will keep increasing. Though the demand is high, pizza manufacturers still need to work hard to market their product in order to beat the competition and earn their consumers’ trust.

The team gathers printing and desing professionals who will give you top advice on how to label your pizza product. Aside from creative ideas for design, the Freezer Label experts will advise you on the types of label stock and adhesive that will guarantee strong label adherence to the pizza box. Using high-quality freezer grade labels is very important for products that will be kept in the freezer, because regular, all-temp adhesive stickers can peel away from the packaging and stain your reputation.

Blank Labels: Neat Solution for Pizza Orders

If you run a pizza delivery business, a great way to organize a lot of orders is to use blank labels where you could print out information about your customers (their name and address, maybe a list of ingredients they ordered, etc.) and place the stickers on pizza boxes to be delivered. This can help you sort out multiple pizza orders and avoid mistakes.

Freezer Labels Pros offer a wide range of quality self-adhesive blank labels that you can use to better organize your pizza business.