Some Things to Consider

What format/shape best suites the product

Some of the most common label shapes are oval, round, square, rectangle, but you can design your own shape. With the die cut technology that cuts the shape of a label out of the label stock, you can choose whichever shape you think best suits your product.

What should the label dimensions be

There is no standard dimension for freezer labels. Unless you are interested in extremely large or extremely small labels, where you’d have to consult a printing expert, you can choose whichever dimensions you think best suit the freezer label for your product.

What type of label face stock should you use

That depends on the conditions a freezer label is exposed to. All the information you need is in the “adhesives” and “substrates” sections.

How are freezer labels printed

There are different kinds of label printers used for industrial printing, depending on the type of labels: offset, digital, screen and flexographic printing. If customers want to print labels on their own, laser or inkjet printers are usually used, depending on the type of adhesive. However, if printing labels on your own, you can only use paper labels.

Will the labels be put on the product before or after freezing the product

Unless you want the label falling off your product in the freezing process, it is very important to know in advance when you will be applying the label. You should know the lowest temperature that the label will be exposed to in the freezer, and the temperature of the place where labeling occurs (room temperature, for example). If you are applying the label at room temperature and waiting a while before placing the product inside the freezer, an all temperature adhesive label will suit you fine. If, however, the application is to take place on already frozen products, inside the freezer, or on products which will immediately be put inside the freezer, you will need a true freezer grade adhesive that withstands temperatures from – 65 degrees F to 200 degrees.

See what happens when non-freezer grade labels are applied to frozen products.