Freezer Labels Overview

Freezer labels are used mostly for food packaging/storage and in laboratory settings. They stay adhered when frozen, unlike standard labels which fall off because general purpose adhesive deadens in cold temps. Freezer labels can also be used in industrial applications where they are exposed to the outdoor elements, such as sub-zero environmental conditions. Some typical examples are: (pre)frozen vegetable bags, cold storage distribution, cryogenic lab labels, outdoor pallet racking, etc…

Choosing a freezer label without good research and accurate information can be hurtful to your business. Prior knowledge of the label’s elements and how they perform in different conditions is a must if you want to get quality for your money’s worth. Here enters Freezer Labels U as an educational tool that will answer all questions you might have about freezer labels. One of the main things to remember when choosing freezer labels: label face stock and adhesive do matter. If you don’t want the important information on your freezer label to tear, smudge or become unreadable in some other way, it is crucial not to make a mistake when choosing these key elements.

Lots of things have been used as freezer labels in the past: scotch tape, masking tape, glad tape, piece of paper + tape, all kinds of stickers, sticky Elastoplast, etc. These little tricks can do the job on occasion, but for most products we recommend custom freezer labels, designed specifically for what you need. If you are uncertain about what it is you need, let’s start at the beginning and take a look at what freezer labels are good for.