The Final Product

Freezer labels are available in either blank preset templates, so you can print yourself, or, preprinted and ready to apply. They can also come in both roll or sheet format depending on your application.

Blank Sheet Labels with Freezer Adhesive, are a great solution for do it yourself shoestring budgets where small quantities and multiple varieties play a major factor. We offer these labels with freezer adhesive coated on either paper or vinyl stock.

Paper sheet labels (matte) with Freezer Adhesive: labels will run through both laser and inkjet printers. Meant for use in cold/dry applications. Paper labels have limited resistance to moisture exposure, i.e. condensation, especially if printed through inkjet process.

Vinyl sheet labels (matte) with Freezer Adhesive: labels will run through a laser printer only, black or color toner. These labels are substantially more costly vs. paper substrate(s) but, a great solution for high moisture exposure. And, vinyl labels can even be submerged in ice-cold water.

Blank Roll Labels with Freezer Adhesive, are meant to run through digital printers that can accommodate coiled labels, i.e. spooled on a core. There are several advantages of using freezer labels on rolls especially in commercial application. First, freezer adhesives are generally more aggressive on rolls. And, there are tremendously more freezer adhesive/substrate combinations available on roll labels vs. sheets. Also, handling roll labels is easier then peeling them off sheets. They can even be machine applied for automatized applications. Some typical examples of roll label printers: thermal transfer, direct thermal, continuous inkjet/laser.