We Did Something Great! Check Out Our New Freezer Labels Website

The Freezer Labels team worked with great enthusiasm for the past several months to get out the new, revamped version of the FreezerLabels.net website. We finally did it, and we hope you’ll join in our feeling of excitement. After all, it’s your questions, concerns and bumps on the road that motivated us to improve our site’s usability and create more valuable resources for you about product labeling.

The first thing we’d like you to check out is our Freezer vs. Non-Freezer Labels video on the importance of using freezer grade labels for product packaging kept in cold storage conditions. The video explains in the simplest way the main purpose of our business: to make sure labels adhere to your frozen products at all times. It may seem like a small thing unworthy of a whole website/business devoted to it, but meat, ice-cream, seafood and other food business owners know exactly how poor quality labels can affect their business in a negative way.

The second thing we’re sure our users will appreciate is the label materials catalog. Our most popular label stock and adhesives are included, as well as photos of our labels in use on products. People who are just starting out their business often need careful guidance when it comes to the nuances of different label materials, and this is the best place to start getting information.

We also revamped the website visually, adding many new photos of our products and different types of labels. Textual information is great, but photos are something else! If you agree, you can also start following our new Instagram account where we share photos of new products, and sometimes give links to free printables that you can modify and print at home.

This blog is also new. We figured it’s the best way to keep track of new trends from the labeling, printing and packaging industry, as well as news from authority organizations, relevant websites and more. If you sign up for our (also new!) newsletter, we’ll remind you once a month about our blogs posts and offer you discounts on certain labels and stickers.

Last but not least, we redesigned our Custom Labels page where you can get a quote much faster than before, with a quicker interface and all mandatory fields on one page.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new Freezer Labels experience, and if there’s anything on our website not working to your satisfaction, please contact our team right away.

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